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Core values

Corporate Culture

The Company has established cultural organization development committee and Learning Organization Activities working group to help employees to become aware and be part of the activities. This is the techniques in moving and enhancing organization vision by setting Companys core value and continuously set up activities so that each individual in the organization can together put into practice. This will impact on behavior, which is said to be the standard of reaching the organization goals or vision. Learning Organization was established from all level of personnels learning and then knowledge is shared with each other and within the personnel, together with gaining knowledge from outside. The primary purpose of this is to give opportunities in seeking the best practice to use it in developing and building strong knowledge base of the organization which will be in time to the change and stability growth in a fierce business competitive and to achieve the vision of the organization and be the Learning Organization. We should have believes and hold on to the values and ways in practicing together which we called SMOOTH

Service Mind

Service mind, primarily emphasizing on customer

Merit & Integrity

Perform duties in a transparent manner, behave appropriately and adhere to the ethics principle.


Love and proud of the organization, hold conscious of being the owner of the work.


Ready to be open-minded, listen, be open-minded and communicate openly.


Establish outstanding teamwork for the same goal.

High Commitment

Determined and dedicated to work and efficiently responsible for work assigned.

Continuous Learning

Learning creatively, continuously and systematically seeking new knowledge and self-development. Have the courage to change for a new way of working or new working system, which will enable the organization to grow and develop without limits.

Apart from behaving themselves to set a good example which is in line with the above-mentioned SMOOTH values, the leaders or staff at the executive level should adhere to a set of leadership values called LDP, which will help them guide and lead their teams to the achievement of the organization goals. These additional values are as follows:

Leader of Change

Act as the change agent, lead with positive attitudes and vision as well as acceptable to all staff.


Confident, have courage to make decisions based on knowledge, reasons and timely.

People Development

Develop ethical and competent staff. Give opportunities to others to grow in their career

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