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Company Secretary Contact

Secretary of the Company
Miss Dararat Homrosukhon

Qualifications of the Company Secretary

The Company has appointed Ms. Dararat Homrossukhon, to act as secretary of MBK in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Act and the Good Corporate Governance practices of listed companies concerning the Responsibility of Directors, having the responsibility relating to the convening of meetings and the preparation and safe-keeping of documents, such as the register of directors, the notices for the convening of the meeting of the Board of Directors, the minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors, the annual report of the Company, the notices for the convening of the meetings of the shareholders of the Company, the minutes of the meetings of the shareholders, and the report on the fact and the nature of conflicting of interests of the directors/executives, and the giving of recommendations, information/various regulations in respect of which the directors must have knowledge and compliance, and the attending to the various activities of the directors to enable them to discharge their duty efficiently and in the manner most beneficial to the Company.

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